Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Note From a Lesbian

Kyle, 23, is a lesbian who works as a waitress in Makati City. Originally from Bacolod, the eldest of four siblings sends whatever she can to help her family in the province. She’s been in Manila since 2011, and “life has not always been easy,” she says in her vernacular.

But then smiles as she shares that she has “a special someone” in Bacolod (“My fourth girlfriend,” she laughs). “Being away from each other is difficult, but it’s needed. Kailangan talaga eh (It's really needed),” she says. If there's a "consolation" for Kyle, it's that "at least we’re accepted by our families; what we have is known by our families, and they’re okay with it.”

And so, while life throws challenges her way, in that acceptance, life is easier. And with that acceptance, there’s happiness, Kyle says.

source: Speak Carabao

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Young, Wild and Free...

Apple was 10 when she came out. "Nag-cross-dress ako; inipon ko allowance ko, tapos bumibili ako ng blouse (I wore women's clothes; I saved my allowance to buy these clothes)," she said.

Even when she was young, her dad never reprimanded her for being "iba (different)." "Nagagalit siya hindi dahil trans ako, kundi dahil sa ginagawa ko (He never got angry because I'm transgender, but because of what I do)," she said. "Tulad ng pag-uwi ng gabing-gabi, di nag-aaral (Like going home really late, or not studying)..."

Now as a lady of 23, if there's an advice she can give, it is this: "Be yourself. Huwag pipigilan ang sarili. Mahirap ang magpigil. Mas masarap na bata ka pa at alam mo namang bakla ka pala, magrampa ka na (Don't deny yourself. It's hard to deny yourself. It's better if while still young and you already know you're gay anyway, you should already come out)."

She looked at the older gay men around her. "Minsan ka lang sariwa. Kaya dapat, while young pa, out na (You're only fresh once. So while still young, come out already)!"

source: Speak Carabao

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Star on 50.

"Over 50 na rin ako (I'm already over 50)," she said, "but I still look after everyone - me and my husband, three children, and the family of one of my children. I don't think I've had rest since I started working... maybe in the early 1980s, if I remember right."

"At their age, shouldn't your children already be looking after you?" she was asked. "Or at least look after themselves!"

She just shrugged. "Hayaan mo na. Mag-enjoy sila hangga't buhay pa ako. Kung wala na ako, malalaman din nila ang ibig sabihin ng paghihirap (We just let them be. Let them enjoy life's comforts while I'm alive. When I'm dead and gone, then they'll realize the meaning of suffering)."

source: Speak Carabao

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Life in a Cup of Coffee

"I would have worked in Starbucks... pero dito napadpad eh (but this is where I ended up)," said Jimmy, smiling broadly (albeit shyly) while making brewed kapeng Barako (coffee that makes use of Batangas' coffee beans) in Chinatown.

"And how is this work?"

"Mahirap, masaya (It can be hard, but it can be happy doing this)..."

"Is that so?"

He smiled again, just as he handed out mugs to older Tsinoys (Chinese Filipinos) who frequent their venue for the "mean, mean coffee" - or, as one friend mischievously teased him, "maybe just see Jimmy." "Well... kailangan maghanapbuhay (I have to make a living)," he just said with a shrug. And then with another smile, he turned and started making a new batch of the brewed coffee.
source:Speak Carabao