Thursday, August 20, 2015

Keeping Your Own Promises

There are promises we make to ourselves, and when you find yourself unable to keep your own promises, then something is wrong.

photo: Brad Pitt

It is important to keep promises in life. I mean, why make them if you don’t intend to keep them? This is especially true for those that we make to ourselves. We have to keep them. It is a shame when we fail to.

You can promise yourself many things. You can say that you will eat more nutritional foods, exercise more, stop smoking, drink less alcohol, be more optimistic in life, etc. The list is endless. Usually, when a person makes this promise to himself, it is a sign that he is aware of what he wants out of life, and is willing to change.

All of that is good, but it is best to actually keep those promises. What good is it to make them and fail to keep them for yourself? You have to be the type of person who takes promises, especially those made to oneself, seriously. Very seriously, as in life and death serious. That’s when you can grow and mature as an individual.


  1. There's something wrong with me. Most of the times, I can keep promises to others but not for myself. Darn!

  2. This reminds me of Justin Timberlake's song "Not a Bad Thing." One line goes "people make promises all the time then they turn around and break it.: Well, I just hope people would stop doing this. They should learn to honor their promises.

  3. Keeping a promise is close to building a person's integrity. It allows other people to trust you more too. I never make promises, unless I'm sure I can keep them.

  4. so true, that's why when we make promises we make sure that we someday be able to comply that promise.

  5. You are the handsome Brad Pitt I know Papaleng :-) Promises are hard to keep sometimes but I LOVED the promised of married couple to love and cherish till death do they part.