Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Star on 50.

"Over 50 na rin ako (I'm already over 50)," she said, "but I still look after everyone - me and my husband, three children, and the family of one of my children. I don't think I've had rest since I started working... maybe in the early 1980s, if I remember right."

"At their age, shouldn't your children already be looking after you?" she was asked. "Or at least look after themselves!"

She just shrugged. "Hayaan mo na. Mag-enjoy sila hangga't buhay pa ako. Kung wala na ako, malalaman din nila ang ibig sabihin ng paghihirap (We just let them be. Let them enjoy life's comforts while I'm alive. When I'm dead and gone, then they'll realize the meaning of suffering)."

source: Speak Carabao


  1. wow!!! I always salute this kind of mother's who always works so hard for their family to make them happy and give them a better life. She should be remembered of what sacrifices she have for her family.

  2. My Mama is 63 and still trying to take care of everybody despite my plea that she should come live with me here so she would have some rest and relacation. I think it's a mother thing,.