Saturday, May 30, 2015

Teach Your Children the Realities of Life

"Pangarap ng isang magulang na ibigay ang lahat sa kanyang mga anak" (Parents always wanted to give the best for their children). "Walang masama roon". (There's nothing wrong with that). As much as we would like to pamper our kids, it’s also important to teach them life lessons. But, it is our obligation not to spoil them.

photo: Pakoy and friends

"Darating ang panahon na matututo na manghingi ng pera sa atin ang ating mga anak para pambili ng pangangailangan niya". (Time will come that your child will asks you for money to buy something). Will you give him/her a hard time and refuse? If so, then you’ll be under his/her control.

You have to teach them something as well as give them the money. Of course there are times when you just give them because you want to, but also make time to teach them the value of the money you are giving them. "Sabihin mo sa kanila na gaano kahirap sa iyo at sa ibang magulang ang kumita ng pera" Tell them how you and other parents earn such money, and make them understand that one day they too will need to make a living for themselves.

Huwag na nating antayin na maging binata at dalaga sila, bago makahawak ng pera". (You ought not hold up until they are old enough to try and get it into their hands). "Hanggat bata pa sila, paliwananagan na natin". (Let them know now while they are young)

Be frank to tell them that you are giving them cash on the grounds that you did that and that to get it. Let them know that if you were not around, they would have needed to work for it. Simply tell them now of the present realities of life.


  1. Very well said. We need to teach them the value of money and how hard it is to earn them while they are still young.

  2. I always teach my toddler that even when we are at the mall. She never did tantrums for not getting the toys she really really like. LOL. I always tell her, you need to work for if you want to buy, then she'll reply "Daddy works". Then my response would be, "Ask Papa Jesus or Santa Clause to give that to you this Christmas. But first, you have to be a good girl." I guess she gets the importance of money more than being a good girl. ROFL.

  3. Amen to that Kuya! As much as possible I want my kids to learn the reality if life outside home.

  4. This is really wonderful, to tell them that life isn't just a fairy tale although we have to show them how wonderful life is being a child before they would've known about responsibilities in life.

  5. At a young age, kids should be taught the value of hard work and money. The sooner parents will do that, the more responsible their kids will become.