Sunday, September 14, 2014

Life in a Cup of Coffee

"I would have worked in Starbucks... pero dito napadpad eh (but this is where I ended up)," said Jimmy, smiling broadly (albeit shyly) while making brewed kapeng Barako (coffee that makes use of Batangas' coffee beans) in Chinatown.

"And how is this work?"

"Mahirap, masaya (It can be hard, but it can be happy doing this)..."

"Is that so?"

He smiled again, just as he handed out mugs to older Tsinoys (Chinese Filipinos) who frequent their venue for the "mean, mean coffee" - or, as one friend mischievously teased him, "maybe just see Jimmy." "Well... kailangan maghanapbuhay (I have to make a living)," he just said with a shrug. And then with another smile, he turned and started making a new batch of the brewed coffee.
source:Speak Carabao


  1. so true, very well said this article does gives me good insights about life.

  2. Awww! He is so gwapo Papaleng, I bet ang daming chicks na pipila to buy coffee but not me...I only drink once a cup when I wake up in the morning.