Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Work hard if we want to survive

Teody has been selling kakanin (snacks) for "pila ka tuig na pud (years and years now)," she said.

In fact, she's been able to send her children to school largely from what she earns from her selling.

"Is it hard doing what you're doing?" I asked her, as she started mixing the noodles with palabok sauce, topping the servings with chicharon (powdered fried pork skin), sibuyas (shallots), and a slice of boiled egg.

She looked up from what she was doing. "Usahay, lisod giyud. Kay rain or shine, mamaligya man mi (At times it's hard. Because rain or shine, we still sell)."

"Kanus-a pud ka magpahulay (And when do you find time to rest)?"

"Pahulay gud! Kayod giyud aron mabuhi ta (What rest are you talking about? We really have to work hard if we want to survive)," she said, managing to offer a smile. She took a deep breath, and then: "Hinuon, gagmay-gagmay lang ni pero makatabang man pud (I may only be selling small items, but they still help)."

source: Speak Carabao

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Filipino Family - together in suffering, and together in joy

Butuan Bus Terminal.

"Hindi amin ito. Sa in-laws ko ito. Tumutulong lang ako magbenta (These aren't mine. These belong to my in-laws. I just help selling them)," she said, now and then loudly calling out passersby to spend P20 for three pineapples.

"Paano ka kumikita (How do you earn then)?"

"Dahil tulong-tulong sa trabaho, hati-hati sa kita (Because we share the load, we divide the earnings)," she said. Then with a wide smile: "Ganyan naman talaga ang pamilya, 'di ba? Magkasama sa hirap, magkasama sa ginhawa (That's how it is with families, right? You are together in suffering, and together in joy)."

source: Speak Carabao