Monday, March 30, 2015

Alarming Facts About MRT-3 Frequent Service Interruptions

For the nth time, there was yet another MRT-3 service interruption!

According to reports, passengers of a northbound train were forced to walk along the railway at Santolan station when the coaches suddenly stopped. Apparently, the passengers were "trapped" inside the idle coaches for over 30 minutes before the doors opened.

This is an alarming fact (MRT-3 glitch) that should be look upon by the Senate and be addressed ASAP by DOTC Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya. Good thing the train commuters suffered only conveniences. What if the next MRT-3 breakdown will result to death to train riders? Can the government and the public bear the consequences such accident will create?

Another alarming fact, DOTC was granted a 50% fare increase supposedly for repairs and rehabilitation of the train line and other matters; and yet, no significant repair jobs were done except for the replacement of railroad tracks for the past several Sundays.

Where's the money? the riding public is now waiting for Jun Abaya to present them an answer. Senator Grace Poe for her part has this to say “At the very least, the DOTC must implement all it can at the moment to ease the burden and guarantee the safety of the riding public," and directed directed DOTC officials to submit a full report on the MRT-3's technical glitch Thursday night.

The good lady senator even stressed that to end passengers’ woes, the vowed overhaul of the system and the re-awarding of the maintenance contract must be completed according to timeline.

Sec. Abaya, during the February 2 Senate public services subcommittee on transport hearing led by Poe, presented MRT-3 rehabilitation deliverables with target dates. Is the agency really putting actions to its words?

Another alarming fact exposed here. The riding public doesn’t have any idea at all about how much has been spent on supposed repairs and rehab.

Is Abaya hiding something from the public? your guess is as good as mine. But it is a fact that DOTC is synonymous with corruption! Another fact, Jun Abaya is now perceived by many as a new rising lord of personal corruption and theft for immoral reasons.


He dumped Sumitomo in favor of 'favored' service maintenance provider where 'grease money' is involved.
He is cheating the government by stealing from the DOTC through MRT-3 revenues.
Some political observers believed that Abaya is starting to fuel money for Mar Roxas campaign fund this 2016 Presidential election.

To some it up, the public is at a loss, whether the added revenues generated from the fare hike are channeled to MRT-3 rehabilitation works; and not going to his pocket. For now, the public should deal with the frequent MRT-3 service interruptions.

I say, Let's give Jun Abaya the benefit of the doubt until such time he voluntarily opens his mouth to tell the nation the whole truth.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Living with a Fire

Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental.

"Yeah, this is an easy job - EXCEPT for the occasional burns!" he laughed.

"You must earn a lot from this," I said, noting that - as the fire dancer claimed - he had been doing this "for years and years now."

"P3,000 per month - give or take," he said. "That's our 'regular' pay."

"That's not a lot. Considering the burning and all."

"Yep," he smiled. "We live off the tips."

And then, as he started twirling again: "So don't forget to leave your tip."

source: Speak Carabao

Friday, March 13, 2015

Father and daughter

"I always wanted a daughter (as my eldest child)," he said, proudly raising his daughter for everyone to see.

"Maybe because I'm like my Dad? He wanted a daughter for his first child, too. Or maybe because... having girls just brings out the best in fathers, wanting to be protective and all. Call me traditional, but... there you go."

source: Speak Carabao

Friday, March 6, 2015

Not whether you own land, but what you do with the land you own

"Papunta ako sa kapatid ko (I'm off to visit a sibling)," said this woman in a jeepney, with baskets of various fruits with her. "Naisip ko, dalhan siya ng mga prutas galing sa farm (I thought of bringing her fruits from the farm)."

"You must have a big farm, to have all these fruits!"

She laughed. "Maliit lang; ilang ektarya lang (It's small; just a few hectares)." "Wow! At least you own land!" she was teased. "At nag-je-jeep ka lang (And you just ride jeepney for transportation)!"

She laughed again. "Ang tanong hindi kung may lupa ka pero kung ano ginagawa mo sa lupa mo (The question is not whether you own land, but what you do with the land you have/own)."

And then, turning serious: "Ako, nagtanim ng prutas. Dadalhan ko kapatid ko ng prutas (Me, I planted fruit-bearing trees. And I'm bringing fruits to my sibling)."

source: Speak Carabao