Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Filipino Family - together in suffering, and together in joy

Butuan Bus Terminal.

"Hindi amin ito. Sa in-laws ko ito. Tumutulong lang ako magbenta (These aren't mine. These belong to my in-laws. I just help selling them)," she said, now and then loudly calling out passersby to spend P20 for three pineapples.

"Paano ka kumikita (How do you earn then)?"

"Dahil tulong-tulong sa trabaho, hati-hati sa kita (Because we share the load, we divide the earnings)," she said. Then with a wide smile: "Ganyan naman talaga ang pamilya, 'di ba? Magkasama sa hirap, magkasama sa ginhawa (That's how it is with families, right? You are together in suffering, and together in joy)."

source: Speak Carabao

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