Monday, October 6, 2014

Age doesn't matter when you're starving.

Diesel St., Palanan, Makati. - "Dalawang taon na akong nagbibenta ng tinapay (I've been selling bread for two years now)," Chris said. "Pero dati, panadero ako; ako gumagawa ng binebenta (But before, I was a baker; I made what's being sold)."

"Malakas ba ang benta (You earn well)?" "Ayos lang;

kahit paano may napapadala ako sa magulang ko sa probinsiya (It's okay; at least I am able to send money to my parents in the province)." Then, as he was wrapping bread for a buyer: "Onse pa kapatid ko; dose kami magkakapatid; pang-anim ako. Kailangan tumulong (I have 11 siblings; there are 12 of us; I'm the sixth. I need to help out)."

"Teka, ilang taon ka na ba (Wait, how old are you again)?" he was asked.


"Ang bata mo pa pala (You are still very young)!"

He smirked. "Walang bata sa gutom. Kaya kayod lang nang kayod (Age doesn't matter when you're starving. So just work)." source: Speak Carabao


  1. I could agree with the post here, there is no age when it comes to one starving stomach.

  2. This post is very inspiring Papaleng. Being a hard worker pays off :-)

  3. Absolutely, young and old, when starving has the same level anxiety when hungry.